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I had an absolute blast working on this project, and I can't thank Sam from Nest Design Studio and Renee from D.marie Interiors enough for their invaluable help throughout the process. The owners of the space were absolutely fabulous to work with, and their enthusiasm made the project even more enjoyable. Although no structural changes were made, we made a plethora of other impactful changes and additions that completely transformed the space. One of the first things we tackled was updating the doors and trim, instantly giving the entire area a more modern and polished look. Painting all the walls was another significant step in refreshing the space. It created a fresh and clean slate, ready for the transformation to take place. But we didn't stop there - we knew lighting played a crucial role, so we changed out the lighting fixtures to ensure a well-lit and welcoming atmosphere. To further enhance the aesthetics, we decided to upgrade the flooring. We carefully selected a flooring material that complemented the overall design theme, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to the space. The new flooring truly tied the whole room together and created a cohesive and polished look. Now, let's talk about that stunning custom-made conference table. We collaborated with a skilled craftsman to bring our vision to life. The table became the centerpiece of the conference room, combining both functionality and exquisite design. It added a sense of presence and elegance to the space, making every meeting feel special and inspiring. We didn't stop at those prominent changes either. We aimed for perfection, so we decided to change out all the cabinets and replaced them with new ones. The addition of granite countertops brought a touch of luxury and upscale feel to the entire space. The result was a work environment that exuded class and elegance. To add some personalized touches, we had beautiful custom shadow boxes made. These tasteful displays showcased meaningful mementos and added a sense of personality to the space. It was a wonderful way to infuse the owner's character into the design. Not only did we focus on the main areas, but we also gave attention to the bathrooms. We revamped them with new cabinets, granite counters, mirrors, fresh paint on the walls, and even updated flooring. This comprehensive transformation instantly took them out of the outdated 1987 look and brought them into the modern era of 2021. With all these changes and updates, we successfully created a classy, upscale, and cool workspace that will surely impress anyone who enters. No detail was missed, and we made sure to use only the finest products, including the carefully chosen flooring and the meticulously crafted custom conference table. I am incredibly proud of our team's hard work and attention to detail. Thank you, Sam from Nest Design Studio, and Renee from D.marie Interiors, for your invaluable collaboration and expertise. Together, we took this space from a dated past and transformed it into a contemporary and refined workplace that exudes style and professionalism


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