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Schedule a Free Initial Design consult over the phone for 20 min.

Here we can discuss the scope of your project and what option would fit best for you. If the whole thing is just confusing on where to start let's talk it out, I can help you figure out where to start.

 In home Consult, what's included

The consultation is key. In this 1 to 2 hour time period I will learn about you and your family: What the functionality of the room needs to be for you; Your involvement and your Budget. I want to know everything: Where do you drink your coffee/wine? Are you right handed or left handed? Are the pet's allowed on the furniture? All these details are what make for a successful process. I will also want to know your involvement. This is were we decide if a Re-Style in right for you, (using most of the items you currently have) or, do you need to start fresh will all new items or a mix of both. This is were we figure that all out and come up with a plan.

All of this (and more) will be discussed  during the 1-2 hours. If we decide on a re-style I will leave you of a list of things to accomplish before I come back to do the actual Re-style.


I was a bit apprehensive but excited to get started with Rumble Interiors. Afraid Stephanie would want things that didn't match my style. That was not the case. Stephanie checked in with me throughout the process and made changes and suggestions I never would have thought of. She also wasn't afraid to push me just a little. In the end, I now have a warm, homey living room, rather than a bunch of furniture against the wall. I find that my home stays cleaner and I take more pride in what I have. I enjoy having guests in my home again because I love the rooms so much more. I don't even stress about someone just stopping by! Highly recommend working with Rumble Interiors! - Carolyn H.

How much does it cost?

  • 1 hour is $150- 2 hours is $275 for in home consultation
  • Re-styles are $125 an hour 

What to do next

What more do you need? You are so close to having a home you are happy to come home to. Let me help you and show you what I do best. CLICK THAT BUTTON!

Hell, yah... I'm in!

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