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So, let me tell you about this awesome project I just finished called ReStyle. My client had exceptional taste and a collection of cool art, all framed and ready to hang. They also had tons of special items they gathered from their travels all around the world. But there were some things that just didn't spark joy for them. I had a clear approach in mind: "If it doesn't make you happy, get it the f**k out of your house!" So, we started by getting rid of everything that didn't bring joy, decluttering the space. We made sure to clean and vacuum thoroughly, creating a fresh canvas to work with. Next, we emptied the room of all art, knickknacks, plants, and everything else except for the large furniture. This allowed us to have a clean slate to reimagine the space. After that, we identified a focal point in the room, which happened to be an amazing fireplace. This became our visual anchor and helped us plan the arrangement of furniture and decor around it. Then, we went on to reposition the large furniture and rugs, creating a comfortable layout centered around the focal point. It was critical to consider the flow and functionality of the space during this step. As we progressed, we started bringing in small furniture pieces and lighting. These additions helped to enhance the ambiance and functionality of the room. Once the basics were in place, we hung the art back up, repotted the plants into stylish planters, and carefully placed all the remaining decor items. It was exciting to see how these finishing touches added personality and warmth to the space. By then, the room was already looking and feeling fresh, but we still had a few small items to consider. We assessed what was missing and what could tie everything together. We made those final purchases and brought the new items into the space, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious look. In the end, we delivered a transformed room where my client can now relax and reflect. It's incredible how a thoughtful approach and a little revamp can make such a difference. I'm filled with joy seeing my client happy with the final result. It's truly rewarding to create spaces that bring harmony and comfort to people's lives.



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  • Relaxing Bedroom

  • Tranquil office space

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