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This ReStyle project was super fun. For starters, my client has great taste, cool art (all framed and ready to hang), and tons of special items gathered while traveling around the world. But there were also some things that did not spark joy. Our approach?


Step 1. We got rid of everything that didn’t spark joy (or as I’ve been known to say, “If it doesn’t make you happy, get it the f**k out of your house!”). We cleaned and vacuumed. 

Step 2 We emptied the room of all art, knickknacks, plants, etc. leaving only the large furniture.

Step 3 We determined a focal point (the fireplace).

Step 4 We repositioned the large furniture and rugs around the focal point.

Step 5 We brought in small furniture and lighting. 

Step 6 We hung the art, repotted plants into cool planters, and brought in all the remaining décor.

Step 7 We determined a few small items still needed to fill out the space and tie everything together. We made those purchases and brought the new items into the space.


At the end of the day, we left the room looking and feeling fresh, successfully transformed into a place where my client can relax and reflect.


  • After of living room

  • Seating for guests

  • Rock and roll

  • Relaxing Bedroom

  • Tranquil office space

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