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Rock and roll and Buddha. This one was super fun and the project that kick started me into Re-Styles.

For starters my client has great taste, cool art that is all framed and many special items that were gathered while traveling around the world.There were also, some things that did not spark joy. 

Step 1. Get rid of everything that does not spark joy. Clean, organize.

Step 2 Empty room of all art, knickknacks, plants, etc. leaving only large furniture.

Step 3 Figure out a focal point. Reposition large furniture, rugs, then small furniture and lighting. Hang art, repot plants, bring them back in. and bring in decor. Leaving the room fresh and now a place to relax and reflect.

  • After of living room

  • Seating for guests

  • Rock and roll

  • Relaxing Bedroom

  • Tranquil office space

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