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1 year ago: January 15, 2019

Hello there! If you haven't already heard, I have started a new business. After 28 years of doing hair, standing on my feet and using my hands and arms in strange ways all day, I noticed that my body is in pain and I need to think about, “Is that what I'm going to be doing until I retire.” I decided NO. I will still be doing hair.
So, I went back to school and I am almost finished with my Interior Design Certificate. I have already started my business and am up and running with it.
I want to share what I am doing right now.   If this is something that interests you, or you have a friend or family member that could use my services, I would love you to pass this on to them.
Here is what I'm currently doing, I call it “Re-Styling”. Taking what you already have in your home and re-thinking it all.
For example, one of my clients had tons of cool stuff already, (i.e .furniture, decor, art) but had no idea what to do with it all. I always start with a 2-hour consultation for $150. We went over what he wanted to accomplish, what he had to work with and what we might need to buy (if anything). For him it was his office. It was a spare room that was filled to the hilt with stuff he did not use.  So, after we decided what the goal was, I left him with a “to-do list” of things he had to accomplish before I could help. (I will not go through all your piles of paperwork, that is on you.) We scheduled our Re-style for 2 weeks later. He cleaned out the room himself, redid the floors and painted. (Now this is stuff I can help with, but he did it himself BRAVO!) I came back and, WOW,  the room is cleaned out and we can start.  He brought in a desk, shelves and a chair for his clients to use.  I came in and decorated the room with his items, and now he has an amazing home office.

On to the next room. We did his entire house:  kitchen, living room and bedroom.

First, we cleaned and put away random items that got dropped off in piles. Then took out all knickknacks, then art, then plants and left the room with just furniture. Then cleaned, vacuumed, dusted , re-polished wood and cleaned the windows. Then we decided to take out all furniture and totally re-thought the space. “What is the purpose of the room?”  “What is the Focal point” Always keeping in mind Balance, Harmony and Mood. We reconstructed the room. Ok, great furniture layout finished--we did not bring all of the furniture back. Then we brought back art,  decor and plants (also loved on the plants a bit too).

This took 2 days for the rest of the house 6-8 hours each. And wow, the finished project is amazing. Now when he walks in, he can breathe and relax because the house is set up for success. Crap is gone. Life can be fresh.

You can buy as little or as much as you need. I have trade accounts or we source locally. To me this is a reorganization of your home and life.

The cost is: $200 for a 2-hour consultation. (You can also just stop here, get a plan and my thoughts, then you go ahead to DIY it.)

Option #2 $150:  2- hour Consultation. I do the work with you helping and there the whole time. $115 an hour. 6-8 hours. I am 100 % in control.

Option #3:  2- hour consultation $150. I do all of the work. You leave for the day or weekend. When you come back, your house is new and fresh.   With this option, I keep at least a $1000 retainer/deposit for anything the project might need.

This is $215 and hour. 6-10 hours (I have a time tracker)

Thank you for reading this all the way through, I bet only a small amount of you actually will. But that's ok, I get it...Thank you for your support in my new venture.



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