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2 years ago: October 11, 2020

Feng Shui is balancing the energy of a space, much as how yoga sends energy to where it is not.
Let's start with an easy energy abyss - the bathroom. The fix is easy and quick, close the lid to the toilet to keep that energy in check,then add some air purifying plants and shut the door to separate this very private area from the rest of the house.

Seasonally,  local greens that you can forage,  flowers from the supermarket or a bowl of vibrant oranges or sunny lemons add energy to a space.  A quick and easy way to brighten up any space.

Light some fresh candles, in that dark corner - vanilla scented for warmth, sage and clove for cleansing,  and myrrh for calming.

Se it's easy to get started, take it in small pieces and every week just add something little. I will be here to help every week I will post a blog on just a little something you can do to bring Feng Shui into your life - balance the energy.

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