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2 years ago: October 11, 2020

Every morning, probably more like 3-4 times a day. I say Thank you to the universe. I say "keep me open to the flow of money coming to me, keep me open to the flow of people and circumstances that guide me in my life and direct me to making interesting choices."

This has become a regular thing with me and part of my life. We talk a lot, we have great communication. Funny though, it's not til recently that I realized how powerful I am. I manifest everything, I take full responsibility for the moves I make. Recently this has opened up to a massive shift in my world --  I'm open to everything, I feel the need to say yes to many more things. But, I also feel free to say No more, if it does not interest me. My new baby Rumble Interiors, has taken off.

Or, perhaps, I have taken off with it. I have run into more like-minded people who share interests and beliefs and, of course, intense Woman Power. So here I am about 8 months after this journey took off, with me starting Interior Design school online.

New business, new people in my corner/team, new dreams and all because I made it happen. I was open, less scared, smiled more, looked people in the eyes and asked more questions. it works..........MANIFESTING.

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