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1 year ago: January 10, 2022

Here we are 2022, I never make resolutions but I do write down my goals for the year. One goal is to keep up with my Podcast and the other to Blog more. 

If you haven't had time to take a listen to my Feng Shui Podcast I highly encourage you to do so. Don't worry I keep them pretty short 8-15 minutes.  Sham less plug. But, this is my blog so I can do what I F-ing want!

Next up for goals is to only do hair every other week. I started this last week and it was great. I got a lot done in that week. Giving yourself time is important.

I am refocusing my energy on what I am manifesting for this year. I did really good in 2021 and everything worked exactly as planned. It doesn't always happen how I think, well actually it never does, but it does happen. I have to constantly remind myself to stay open to the flow and ask for what I need then let it go. The universe always provides for me, I always get what it is I am manifesting.

I can't wait to see what new project come my way in Design this year, last year was huge, lots of amazing challenges that pushed me to wear I am now.

Here's to a kick the fucking door down new year 2022 I see you and I am coming!



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