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2 years ago: January 4, 2022

2021 Home Design Trends Wrapped

January 4, 2022 by 

With the whirlwind year that was 2021, many changes have been made in the ways we live our lives. And one place that we’ve seen those changes happen is within the home. From turning spare bedrooms into multipurpose rooms to bringing in natural elements like plants into our spaces, 2021 has brought many unique design trends that are sure to stick – and some that may go away within the next couple of years.

As we look back on 2021, we reached out to experts from Kensington, MD to Kelowna, BC, to give us 21 design trends and help us reflect on the best and worst design trends from last year. So sit back and enjoy 2021 home design trends wrapped.

A modern house

1. Defined living spaces were key

Covid has made our clients take a deeper look into how they live and use spaces in 2021, leading to investments in areas normally overlooked like laundry rooms, offices, and playrooms. Open floor plans are being replaced by defined living spaces that have a purpose, especially introverts who need their space. – Sarah Randolph, Principal Designer, Randolph Interior Design

2. Lighting sources became more intentional

When planning lighting for entertaining in your home, remember that the most flattering light comes from around, not above you. It’s important to place lamps around the room, rather than depend on can lights in the ceiling, as they can throw harsh shadows. And be sure to use low-wattage bulbs in your lamps for a soft ambiance. – Jan Kyle Design

We all know lighting is a necessity in any room of our house, but rather than choosing fixtures based on their function alone, use it as an opportunity to show who you are or to allow lighting to speak your story. Fixtures can be elegant, delicate, sleek, or mind-boggling sources of light with character and visual interest. Let your personality and your style shine with well-curated lighting. – Christopher Michiels Interiors 

3. Engineered wood floors have come a long way

In 2021 it has been easy to fall into the trap of “wood look” flooring with unnatural shades and finishes (tile planks and LVP mostly). We always encourage clients to take another look and consider engineered wood flooring. It’s the same price in many cases, looks timeless, and has come a long way in terms of durability. – Het Hout Interiors

4. Bold colors and unique patterns took center stage

Neutrals always have a place in our hearts and are a total classic. However, we are also seeing more and more requests for bold colors or patterns. People want uniquely curated homes. – Laura Fox

5. Patchwork has emerged

A trend that we saw was patchwork. From the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute’s exhibit, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, to Insta star Amanda Cutter Brook’s shop in The Cotswolds, to the David Lauren presenting a collection of clothing inspired by the artisans of the Gee’s Bend Collective in Alabama – homespun patchwork is an old-timey style equivalent of “comfort food” in trying times. – Cielo Home

6. Multi-use spaces defined 2021

Remote working is due to continue, therefore the need for more permanent work from home spaces. Ideal for those without a lot of space, the trend is all about blurring the boundaries between areas. This can be achieved by using separating doors, or by using multi-purpose furniture and accessories. – Alice Molloy Interiors

Making the most out of every space is key these days. Turn that extra room into a multi-use space with transformational furniture and hidden pocket doors and creative storage space – office, guest bedroom, yoga studio, and media room all in one. – Coates Design

7. 2021 was all about biophilia 

One word – green! I noticed that clients were asking for and incorporating lots more house plants into their spaces. Plants help alleviate stress and anxiety and purify the air. Who wouldn’t benefit from less stress? Especially with the year we just had. The color green is also trending in color forecasting. Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have selected a shade of sage green as their color of the year for 2022. – Primrose Interior Design

8. Care for the environment played a role in home design 

A major design trend we saw in 2021 focused on reducing waste and saving the planet. Spending more time in our homes than ever before had people reworking and redesigning their environments. Supply chain issues due to the pandemic made it difficult to purchase new items. As a result, many people chose to reuse, recycle and repurpose their existing furniture, or purchase pre-owned furniture locally to redecorate. Recycling, repurposing, and restoring older pieces and giving them a new updated look and life is sustainable, eco-friendly, and a wonderful trend that will most likely continue. – Melissa Mack, Om In The Home

9. Moody tones set the scene in home offices

Using moody tones in home offices was something we saw a lot of in 2021. Everyone wanted a space that felt different from their “home”, so there could be a mindset and energy shift when they walked into the space to be their best professional self. It was fun to partner with clients on this journey because it allowed them to feel empowered during this time of uncertainty. – Sara Lynn Brennan, CEO/Principal Designer at Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors 

10. Custom rooms have become more common

In 2021, we have become focused on the importance of creating a lifestyle sanctuary at home where everything we need is at our fingertips without ever having to leave the safety of our house. Sumptuous spas, personalized bowling alleys, movie theatres, and tricked-out kitchens and bars belong to the Lori Morris curated design experience as we continue to create the perfect, individual refuge for each of our clients, brimming with beautifully appointed spaces, luxurious comforts, and personalized amenities. – Lori Morris 

11. Nature and natural elements inspired 

Our 2021 interiors were inspired by nature and familiarity in all of its forms: from warm tones and tactile surfaces, to soft shapes, plants, and even familiar cooking and retro cocktails. Combining familiar pieces that have special meaning, with innovative new ones to arouse inspiration brings authenticity to a space, with a timely twist. Using natural materials such as quartzite and eco brass, give a depth of dimension to an interior palette. Surfaces that develop their own patina create a narrative that is unique to each space. – Concept DCF

12. LED lights continue to be popular

With the rising popularity of industrial/vintage style over the past few years, the Edison light bulb with its visible filaments and warm amber glow, took up residence in everything from caged pendants to exposed bulb table lamps. While we will continue to see the traditional amber bulb, LEDs, with their range of white light colors, will be the more popular filament visible bulb choice and will be seen in fixtures beyond that of industrial/vintage styles. – Niki VanEch, VanEch Studio

13. Accent pieces and glassware added unique details 

Transparent details have been capturing the attention of anyone who enters a room this past year. Accents such as glass pendant lighting to acrylic furniture pieces add beautiful light reflecting flare to any space. Continuing to grow in popularity – They’re here to stay. – Holly Volpe of HV Design Group

14. There was a focus on organic forms and curves 

The popular trend for this past year has been going with organic, round forms where the curves are stellar for every season. This design style can be found in tables, sofas, pillows, and in art/accessories-making this trend organic and bold. – Wilfredo Emanuel Designs 

15. Layering materials brought sophistication 

Layering materials, whether with wallpaper, lighting or art will add comfort and sophistication. Combining contemporary ideas with classic designs will add depth and interest to your home. – Cigal Kaplan Interiors

16. Millwork added architectural detail 

A popular design trend we have been loving is millwork. As designers, we always think of ways to enhance the interior architecture of a space. Millwork has been around for decades to really bring character into the home. Whether that be a floor-to-ceiling slat wood panel or a statement ceiling in a dining room, these wood details add a layer of richness to the interior that sets their space apart from the homes around them. – Kim Layne Interiors

17. Marble continues to be in, but too much can ruin a room

Marble is an exquisite surface when handled with restraint. I hope the maximalist and tacky trend to sheath entire rooms in it goes away soon. Less is more. – Shapiro Joyal Studio

18. There was a greater emphasis on coziness 

As the Dutch say, “gezelligtijd kent geen tijd,” which roughly translates into, “you can never get enough coziness.” 2021 was all about creating the snuggle – warm, tranquil, and cocooning were big buzzwords, and designers delivered with soft, rich fabrics, plush upholstery, warm woods, and colors that ranged from calming neutrals to cheery citrus to contemplatively dark jewels. – White Webb

19. Opulent spaces have emerged 

With the craziness of 2021, individuals are still working from home and we have found people are craving more of a transitional and traditional interior. High-end contemporary design will always be significant; however, clients are beginning to crave homier, more opulent space(s) instead of a stark environment. – Paxton Place Design 

20. Sentimental pieces added a unique touch

Think about incorporating at least one piece of furniture or accessory that has some history or family sentiment. If not, find one and identify with it. – Rise Krag

21. Pops of color will never go out of style

Let’s talk about design trends that can go away for 2021 as we drift into 2022 – Beige, I’d rather never see it again. While it can be a practical color, I’d stick with a greige color before going straight beige. On that note, I’m never sick of gray as a neutral, there are so many great ones out there like Agreeable Gray. Pops of color as well should never go out of style. In my work as a Feng shui Designer, we are always using color. – Rumble Interiors

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