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2 years ago: October 23, 2020

1. Switch out or add blankets to every chair or sofa, think about a chunky knit blanket, one with fur or even that Afgan Grandma made. They visually warm up a space and give anyone who sits down an extra layer of warmth.


2.  Layer your blankets on the sofa to also create some visual interest in the room.


3. Switching out pillows from Summer pillows to winter pillows are a great idea, down filled pillows, add a larger one and layer the pillows to add a cozy feel to the sofa, bring in warmer color think, rust, orange, gold and red they will visually warm up the space.

4. Incorporate some wood elements. Wood has a very warm feeling to it.


5. Candles, not only do they just scream fall and winter, they actually do let off a little bit of heat. Grab some that smell up your home with Pumpkin spice from Roslyn Candle Company, evergreen, pine or campfire. My favorite is Frasier Fur!


6. Change out your art or add more, a bare wall feels cold, a well planned out gallery wall feels warm.


7.  Add some soft lighting with smaller lanterns, change out light bulbs to soften the light.

 Himalayan Salt lamps from Devine Wellness are fantastic for the air and you can even add essential oils to them to make the room smell amazing.


8. Add some rugs or even layers some rugs, if you have hardwoods this time of year and feel even colder

I love a layered rug look, especially with a hide. Add a runner in the kitchen and by the front door.


9. Plants, never too many. Add some plants in a plant stand to negative space this immediately will add   life and warmth to your home. 


10. Flower arrangements with real or fake flowers, use warm tones,

I also love Pampas grass, add some of those to a vase and instantly add warmth.


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