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2 years ago: September 21, 2020


 5 Crystals to use in your home to energize good Feng shui now!

Let's get right to it. Using crystals In your home can bring some quick good chi to any space. Here are my favorite crytsals to lay around the house.


Amethyst- In the prosperity section. Purple is one of the main colors of the prosperity section in your home and what better way to use a Amythist. I love to put it in the pot with the Jade plant, both can represent Prosperity. Now when you do this have a little moment of intention. In Feng shui intention is everything, Meaning as you lay down the crystal in the pot say something like this. "Thank you for my ever growing prosperity"


Rose Quartz- This is the crystal that fits perfectly in the Love & Relationship section. I love one of the polished heart shapped crystals, it is the perfect stone for Love. Now when you add it to the section don't forget the what........Tha'st right the intention. "Thank you for brining me the love of my life" etc..

Jade- Is all about Health, Prosperity so this stone can go in 2 areas in your home The health section, with intention of course and prosperity set it right next to the Amythist in the Jade plant pot, green is also a color of prosperity guest it it is the color of $$$$. INTENTION!!!

Saphire- Wisdom & Spirituality. with this crystal a good place for it is the Knowlege and Wisdom section, this stone increases mental clairty and the capacity for wisdom. Now place it there with the intention of recieving wisdom in a particular subject, I would even write a letter thanking the universe for brining that wisdom to you

Smoky Quartz-Anchoring and Positivity. This crystal is an antidepresant in crystal form. hold it in your hand when you are feeling anxiety or stress and just breath. This is also a great crystal to put by your desk or nightstand, whereever you charge your phone or computer it will absorb the electromagnestics that your electronics put out into the atmosphere.

And there you go, 5 stones that you can use right away. I alway encourgae people to go to a store where you can look at and touch the stones, there is a perfect one for you and you will feel it when you touch it.

If you neesd help with Feng Shui, I offer Virtual Feng Shui consulations as well. Feel free to email me at:

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