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2 years ago: July 4, 2020

Can you believe it. 2 years in to this huge change I made and I was voted Best Interior Designer. I have to say without my ladies Renee and Sam this would never have happened. Having mentors and friends who help and guide you along the way is such an important part. Before I started this I had never (to my knowledge) even spoken to another interior designer. Also, have to give a shout out to Luann Nigara and her podcast "A well designed business" for all the amazing episodes I drank up like a thirsty wine drinker. This new career of mine has changed me for the better. Understanding how a home impacts the people who live in it has been eye opening, and now that I'm also certified in Feng Shui design, well that puts a whole new spin on things. My passion is in being able to help people relax and unwind and forget about all the crazy in the world right now. Good Design is for everybody and every budget. Give me a budget and I can work with it. Allot of hard work has gone into the last 2 years and having been recognized definitely makes me feel like taking this JUMP was worth it.

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