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4 years ago: December 10, 2018

OK Restyle #3 Done!

What a killer project to be working on. These clients had amazing Mid Century Modern Furniture, in flawless condition. We had to uncover all of this vintage glory, and that is where the work begins.

We always start with a two hour consultation, that leads to many questions. The fun has just begun for me.
I love this part of the process. Getting to know your client , how they live what they like to do in their house. What they don't like and what they like, how they drink their coffee, watch TV, drink wine. Do you like to snuggle here or is this a formal room. Then we write out a list of to dos for them that they have to accomplish before I can start.

We book the Rumble with the next two weeks if we can.  The day is here, they have done the work and are feeling excited and holy shit what is Stephanie going to say or do when she sees the place. Not one time have I been disappointed in the work they accomplished. Now its time to Rumble!

We take all of the art work, plants, knick knacks, rugs  out, until it is just the furniture left, now we clean, vacuum, dust.  This is were we usually stop and talk more about the focal point of the room. what is that , the TV? a piece of art? This is what we start to build the space around, paying extra attention to the function of the room as well, harmony follows all of this.

Furniture layout begins, move items around split the room up into different vignettes,  now you can actually see the story unfold. Once we are happy with the layout, we start bringing back in the smalls, end tables, lamps, plant stands, stools, benches. This is were the balancing of items begins. This is also a time I have you go around and find me the pieces that bring you joy, and I shop the other rooms you allow me in.

Art, very important part of the story, art that has a story is best, not just some print you bought at Items you bought traveling, items that have special meaning or evoke a feeling. ( Ideally joy not sorrow) We also help the plants, pick the dead off, more soil, water, change pots then place them back into the space, plants provide, color help with balance and clean the air.

Wood care, lets polish and treat all the wood, before we bring back accessories.

Now for the accessorizing, then sit, in all the spots and take a look. How do you feel, you have just let me guide you threw a huge space cleanse. Feels good right, we can breath in this room. It flows, it has balance and harmony. You want to be in here. Well Shit fire, my job here is done. That is exactly what we wanted to accomplish. Now for the Tea Party or Cocktail party, you invite some people and show off your space, this is how I find my next client.

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