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4 years ago: April 4, 2020

Most of us have been home more then normal. Alot of you are working from home. Me too. My Salon is shut down and all my Design projects have come to a hault. I decided to start offering free 30 minute feng shui  design consults. It's amazing what can be accomplished in that time. Focusing on a home office, desk or main living area is very beneficial.

To me Feng Shui is a living breathing vision board for your home. Anything that you could possibly want to work on in your life is divided up into 9 qua's or sections of your home;


Fame and Reputation

Love and Marriage

Children and Creativity

Helpful people and travel




Skills and knowledge

Its all about the energy/chi everything has an energy and when the chi flows around our homes with no blockages you can feel it.

We all have experienced "Good" Feng Shui and "Bad" Feng Shui weather or not you knew it. You have walked into a room and thought "Oh, wow this place feels great". Or "Dang I do not like how this place makes me feel" That on a basic level is Feng Shui.

Having this Opportunity to practice my skills is helping me and helping all who have trusted me through the process. I invite you to reach out and schedule you free consult too.

In this time of the uncertainty It's nice to be able to feel safe in our homes.




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