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5 years ago: May 20, 2019

I have always liked Portland, but now I like it even more. Here is why, as I have been involved in Ellensburg's downtown association I have a much greater appreciation for small town dynamics. What Portland has is a whole bunch of small towns rallied into districts, Mississippi District, Pearl District, Alberta District, Hawthorn District. Just to name a few. They all have there own vibe but still very "Portland" you will always find a Brewery and reclaimed wood, and allot of navy blue paint. From a designers point of you like mine, this place is so full of UNIQUENESS its overwhelming, on a recent trip I just had to stop going into cool vintage furniture shops because it was really just too much. I could source all day and never come across the same item. I LOVE THAT!  As a designer I am always looking for inspiration, bars restaurants, boutiques, art Galleries bathrooms, its never ending in the choices of good design, and bad design quit frankly. So I guess what I'm getting at, is get out of town, check out other places, we get in our bubbles no matter where you live that is refreshing to leave and gain some perspective. SO GO GET OUT EXPLORE!!!  hen come back and appreciate what you have. 



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