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5 years ago: March 11, 2019

If you live in Eastern Washington, you might be ready for spring. With tiny glimpses of the sun and it being March, it’s time to get a jump on things and bring some light into your space!

5 ways to liven up any space quick and easy.

1. Tulips in a vase can liven up any room fast. Pick your favorite color and enjoy :)


2. Bring in more light. Open your blinds and curtains and give the windows a wash.

3. Stop burning the Christmas candles and spiced cider candles, it’s time for Fresh cut grass smell. These candles from Etsy are perfect.


4. Buy Lemons! Not only are they a great decor item in a bowl, it’s a good time of the year to start your morning with hot ginger lemon water. Refreshing, delicious, and a great reset for your stomach.


5. Repot your indoor plants. Plants need love too and there is just something about getting your hands in the soil that can make you feel alive.


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