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1 year ago: January 7, 2019

My on air coaching episode with Luuan Nigara @ a "Well designed business" podcast.

I have been listening to Luann's podcast for 8 months now. Soaking it all in. Realizing this is something I could actually do, open and interior design business on my own.

I reached out to Luann via Instagram and asked her all of my questions. She decided it would be a good episode for the podcast. I think it was, i learned and had 2 large Aha Moments. She is excellent at facilitating those. I learned that you only know what you know, so there is no stupid question. Sometimes it takes that different person saying the same thing that  others have said but for some reason it didn't resonate with you an you didn't listen. Only then can yo actually get it.

This is Luann's super power, and in a way that is straight up and honest yet still kind. I feel very blessed that I have crossed her path or better yet laid myself in front of her, so she has to see me.

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