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1 year ago: December 17, 2018

Hairstylist, communicator, observer, entrepreneur -- Stephanie has been in a creative field her whole working career. Stephanie started Rumble Interiors  as an extension of her success as a hair designer.

Design, balance and harmony are built into everything she does. Stephanie's desire to design whether it be a smart hairstyle or a room comes natural. Stephanie’s passion lies in her ability to read a room and the people who live in it.

Rumble Interiors specializes in Re-Styles -- taking what you already have and Rethinking, Re-
imagining and Restyling your space. The process will bring harmony and balance one room at a time.   You will give a silent word of thanks as Sxx brings contemporary comfort  to your world-- whether your vibe is glamorous or cozy.

The results reflect your world, refined.

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